Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst:  

Certification by the International Association for Identification

Certified Force Science Analyst: 

by the Force Science Research Center

Certified Forensic Photographer: 

by the International Association for Identification

Qualified Expert Witness: 

Crime Scene Reconstruction, Force Science, Shooting Incident Reconstruction, Bloodspatter Interpretation, Forensic Photography, Wound Ballistics and Forensic Animation in Federal and State Courts (Alaska, California, Colorado, Florida, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Washington, & West Virginia.)

510.724.1003   |  PO  Box 375, Pinole, CA 94564  USA 

Certified in Crime Scene Analysis   |   Certified in Force Science Analysis

Certified in Forensic Photography & Digital Imaging


My primary interest is in the reconstruction of shooting incidents, the human and mechanical dynamics of shooting and the science of wound ballistics which relates to the use of firearms against humans and specifically to the interaction of projectiles and the human body. 

I perform firearms and ballistic research with high-speed video, still camera systems and a Doppler ballistic radar system.

I am also a board certified forensic photographer specializing in crime scene, evidence, and wound photography, digital imaging --  and video, photograph, and image analysis.


High Speed Video


Forensic Computer Animation

I also specialize in the creation and production of Forensic Animation used by attorneys to illustrate human or mechanical actions and/or incidents which primarily involve shooting. I created the first 3D computer animation used in a criminal trial: the Mitchell Brothers homicide, Marin County, California; 1993

  • American Academy of Forensic Sciences (Fellow)

  • International Wound Ballistics Association (Co-Founder)

  • International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts

  • International Association for Identification (SCSA & CFPH)

  • Assoc of Firearm & Toolmark Examiners (Technical Advisor)



New Peer-Reviewed Paper

Bullet Entry Holes in Fabric: Fibers, Facts, and Fallacies

Here is video from the research paper:. 

High Speed Video: Bullets Into Fabric

RESEARCH PAPER PUBLISHED IN THE Investigative Sciences Journal

Shooting Dynamics: Elements of Time & Movement in Shooting Incidents

A Scientific Research Paper Published in the FBI's Forensic Science Communications

The Effect of Hair Upon the Deposition of Gunshot Residue