The Death of Clifton Cameron

A Case of Gross Incompetence & Parental Delusion

Though it be honest, it is never good to bring bad news; 

Give to a gracious message a host of tongues, 

But let ill tidings tell themselves when they be felt.

--- Antony and Cleopatra, William Shakespeare


The Death of Cliff Cameron is an example of how parents, motivated by a desire to protect and preserve the memory of their son and to gain custody of their grandchildren, sponsor and encourage a group of inept, incompetent, dishonest, and unqualified investigators.

What happened is more than a "mistake." The actions of the Cameron family and their investigators represents gross professional misconduct of the highest level.

In November of 2001 I was hired by the Cameron family to perform an analysis of the death of Cliff Cameron. Stuart Morgan, a NZ private investigator working for the Cameron's told me: 

"I want an independent review on the scene and evidence available, I don't want to shanghai your findings and shoehorn them to fit with my idea's - you would be required to look at the evidence and give us your opinions-not ours."

Over a period of several months I performed a comprehensive review and analysis of the incident -- including photographic and computer analysis. As I got deeper into the case, I became increasingly appalled at the gross incompetence of the investigative and analytical efforts of Morgan and the investigators he hired. I was astounded by the shoddy, inadequate, and absurdly inept efforts performed by Morgan and his group. One of them committed perjury during the trial in Tanzania by claiming, as evidence of his qualifications, that he has a university degree with a crime scene related major. The truth is that he does not have a university degree.

As I became aware that I was dealing with people at the lowest level (particularly Morgan) of forensic knowledge, skills, and ethics; and that my findings were in stark contradiction to their screwball conclusions, I spent an enormous amount of time producing a report which would not only state my findings but explain the scientific, technical, and logical foundation for my findings. I had hoped that in spite of the great fortunes that had been spent by the Cameron's to prove Kerstin Cameron guilty of murdering their son and the great financial fortune enjoyed by Morgan & Co, they might realize that they have simply been wrong. 

But when I presented my report, it was clear that they didn't want "an independent review." They wanted a confirmation of the nonsense they had been wallowing in for the past several years. Morgan wrote:

"I am obviously disappointed with the opinion you have formed . . the report is of no use to us at all.  My clients stance at this stage is that they are not prepared to pay anything further for what they consider a flawed and useless document."

I have no doubt that if I had provided findings -- even in one short page -- that fit with their desired beliefs, they would have been quite happy with my work. Financially, I had much to gain by agreeing with Morgan & Co; there had also been mentions of "continuing work" after my report was completed and a trip to NZ. But I would never violate the truth for anyone or any amount of money. I am also very aware of the difficulties I may face in going public with this information but I feel strongly that the objectionable and abominable actions committed by this group must be exposed.

The work of Stu Morgan and his band of incompetents might be laughable if the consequences weren't so serious. Their fraudulent and malicious efforts nearly resulted in the hanging execution of a woman, Kerstin Cameron.

 My Conclusions Regarding the Death of Clifton Cameron 

1.  There is not a single element in the physical evidence which would make a suicide impossible or improbable.

2.  There is nothing in the physical evidence to suggest that Kerstin Cameron shot her husband.

3.  The physical evidence is consistent with a self-inflicted gunshot: a suicide.