Analysis of a "Snuff Video"  -- Is it Real?

I had been asked several times to evaluate a short video segment which has been distributed on the internet. The video appears to show an actual homicide in which a woman is shot at close range. While the video segment was produced with some skill, there are several significant flaws which I believe, indicate that this was not an actual homicide but a staged scene which has also been digitally altered. (Note: this fact was subsequently confirmed by the creators of this dramatic video who contacted me recently.)

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Apparent Flaws

1.  At the moment of shooting, smoke is shown apparently coming from the muzzle but there is no smoke from the cylinder gap.


When a revolver discharges, there is a small open gap between the cylinder which holds the cartridges and the barrel. Although modern ammunition does not produce much visible smoke, hot gasses are expelled both out the muzzle and out of the cylinder gap.

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2.  As the revolver is fired there is no apparent effect upon the woman's hair.


When a firearm is discharged, hot gasses come out of the muzzle preceding, accompanying, and following  the bullet. These gasses act as something of a wind which should cause movement in the woman's hair strands. See the high speed images below.



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